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Welcome to PA Trek! My name is Rachael and in 2005 I was in your shoes. I wanted to be a physician assistant and all my energy, time, and passion went into just that. Let me tell you — it paid off! I graduated in 2007 with a Masters of Science and have been working in the ER for most of my career. This is a great profession and I commend you for aspiring to become a PA.

Things are different today. There is a greater awareness of the PA profession and more and more people want to get into a program. It is getting increasingly more competitive every year. My team and I want to help qualified people achieve their dreams. I work with a wicked group of PAs as well as a professional editor. You can read more about our coaches here.

We offer multiple services, including a complete coaching package, CASPA review and more. See all of our offerings in our online store, or email me to let me know what else we can do to help!

PA Trek provides a personalized service that will include emails, phone calls and online meetings. Your coach will get to know you and your goals, and will be a guide during your journey. We will get YOUR application to be the one that stands out, so you achieve your dream of becoming a physician assistant!

Our Mission

Medical School Consultants

It’s simple: we were founded with the sole mission to help premedical students achieve their goals through the best possible advice. We believe that takes the best possible advisors, no shortcuts.

Our promise to you is our unwavering commitment.  We hate seeing students receive ill-informed advice. At AcceptMed, we keep our team small to help every applicant working with us get the individual attention they need.

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