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Welcome, my name is Sal and in 2018 I was in your shoes. I wanted to be a physician assistant and all my free time and energy during my final year of undergraduate studies was dedicated to being the perfect applicant. After countless hours researching and seeing what PA schools were looking for, I was accepted in 12/14 schools that I applied to on the first cycle! This is a great profession and I commend you for aspiring to secure the #1 job in America!

That being said, things are a little different today, in terms of acceptances. There is a greater awareness of the PA profession, which yields a higher competition for applicants. It is getting increasingly more competitive every year. My job and the reason why I created this website is to help you achieve acceptance on your first attempt. I have worked with a variety of students that have successfully gotten accepted into a program from low GPA, to not enough healthcare experience hours, etc. 

The services offered include a complete mentorship package, CASPA review and more. See all of our offerings in our online store, or email me to let me know what else we can do to help!

I do not tend to take on too many students at one time, because I want to provide personalized service that will include having my personal emails, cell phone number, and online meetings. In addition, I want to get to know my student’s interests and goals to get a better understanding of how we can implement it in the personal statement. We will get YOUR application to be the one that stands out, so you achieve your dream of becoming a PA!


It’s simple: this website was founded with the primary mission to help pre-PA students achieve their goals and strengthen their application to its maximum capability in terms of acceptance. I believe that takes a good mentor and advisor to pave the way to save both time and money on reapplying. 

My promise to you is my giving my full attention and commitment for getting you the best possible chance of acceptance.  I hate seeing students receive incorrect and false advice that they have heard from a classmate or even undergraduate councilors. 


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